Remote Support

Virtual House Calls

Remote repair service is fast, economical, and convenient compared to a physical service call.

If your computer can connect to the internet, we can work on it by remote control through the internet. You may watch, participate, or do other things while we work.

We need to be ready to connect on our end too, so please phone or contact us first. We'll also talk about prices then to help you through the following:

You need to download, save and run one of the following custom programs. The choice depends on whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux computer.

Download for Windows

Download and run the following file, and get started with our Windows Remote Support Service.

Download for Mac

Download and mount the following disk Image, and get started with our Macintosh Remote Support Service.

Download for Linux

Contact us first to discuss which distribution you use and we will point you to the link.