Install, Move & Configure

Build Your Own Terrific Solution

We'll help you build exactly the right combination or products for your home or business.

PC/Laptop Installation

Setup and installation of your new computer is a breeze when you call Terrific.IT. This on-site service includes unboxing your new system, running startup routines and assisting with hardware and software registration, configuring your OS security center, and setting up your system to receive critical updates.

Wireless Router Configuration

Having trouble connecting to the internet? Concerned about the security of your wireless network? Terrific.IT can come to your location and configure your router to ensure an instant connection whenever you log onto your computer. Our technicians will also run a security audit of your wireless network and remediate any weaknesses found by setting up secure encryptions for your wireless connections.

Network Services

With a local area network (LAN) in your home or business, all your wireless devices are able to communicate with each other. Terrific.IT will set up your LAN so that printing from any of your computers and sharing files between systems is easily possible. If security is a concern, we can also set up a virtual private network (VPN) for your home or business so that the data shared on your system is encrypted and secure from unauthorized users.