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Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your technology worked as expected. Find out what's possible with Terrific.IT.

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  • Handle All Your IT Projects, Big and Small
  • Provide Remote Support or On-Site Service
  • Integrate the Latest Applications & Hardware
  • Grow Your Business With a Website
  • Promote Your Business with Social Media
  • Protect Your Data
  • Keep You Connected to the Cloud

    Whether your technology is commercial or residential, low tech or bleeding edge, we can support and maintain the system you have in place. If your technology needs to be moved or upgraded, we can ease the transition with minimal disruption.

    Terrific.IT can satisfy your Information Technology needs. We are a talented team with a wide range of skills and disciplines available to you.

  • Did you say free? Why yes, we did

    Now offering one free 30-minute diagnostic session for your ailing computer

    Has your computer been acting strangely? Running more slowly? Defying your every command? Well never fear, Terrific.IT is here available to help! We are offering a free, 30-minute computer diagnosis to the first 25 customers that contact us.


    Here comes the sun

    Never forget to spring forward and fall back with Daylight Saving Time apps and reminders

    Despite the mild hullabaloo that precedes the changing of the clocks in Spring and Fall, some people always forget to set their clocks forward and back for Daylight Saving Time. Conveniently for most us (avid church-goers excluded) the change occurs on a Sunday at 2am.


    Music to our ears

    Epitonic offers mp3s for mp-free

    Because Ash Wednesday is a day filled with guilt for many of us, especially in New Orleans, we here at Terrific.IT have a guilt-free suggestion for your music-downloading needs. Epitonic has a bunch of mp3s available to download or listen to streaming, and they’re all free and legal. Many of these mp3s are by indie artists/labels, but if that’s not your taste, there are some main-stream artists available too. Epitonic has an assortment of playlists to choose from, and you can download the whole playlist at once, or just select individual tracks to download.


    Back to Work!

    Tips, tricks and apps to boost your post-mardi gras productivity

    Now that the last beads have been thrown and the last king cake has been eaten, it's time to buckle down and get back to work. If your output has been low in the past few weeks due to the distractions of carnival season, you may want to consider utilizing the many tech tools out there to increase your productivity. Think of it as giving up procrastination for Lent!


    Fastest Internet in the West (and the East)

    National Broadband Map compares the speed of your local internet service providers

    All ISPs are not created equal, and now you can compare the speed of your ISP to its local competitors by checking out the National Broadband Map. The FCC created this website to give consumers a one-stop, easy-to-use comparison chart of the speed of the ISPs available in their neighborhoods. Go ahead and give it a try! All you have to do is enter your address and/or zipcode, and you'll be able to compare the advertised speeds of the ISPs available where you live.


    DAR.fm: Radio-volution

    Never miss your favorite radio programs again

    We’ve come a long way from the days of using blank cassette tapes to record the radio. DAR.fm has arrived to radio-volutionize how we listen to the radio. It works in much the same way as a DVR (hence the name DAR, for Digitial Audio Recorder) except it utilizes the Internet instead of an actual recording device. All you have to do is set the programs you want to record on DAR.fm's website, and DAR.fm will do the rest.


    Ruby for Kids

    Forget the Romance Languages, Teach your kids a programming language

    Can't decide in which Romance language to enroll your children? How about helping them learn a really useful language like Ruby instead? Ruby4Kids is an easy-to-use website that will get your kids started using the Ruby programming language. By watching a series of screencasts, your kids (and you) can learn how to build a simple game using Ruby. Next stop: C++ and Java! Now that's what we call "winning the future..."

    Via Lifehacker


    F.lux can help you sleep better

    This simple program adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day

    Many of us have trouble getting to sleep at night, and the solution may be as simple as adjusting the brightness of the computer screen.

    Our natural Circadian rhythm tells our bodies when to wake (daytime) and when to sleep (nighttime). But bright, artificial light can cause the brain to mistakenly believe it's still daytime, thereby making it difficult to wind down in the evening. F.lux is a neat program that automatically adjusts your computer screen's brightness to correspond with the time of day.


    Mardi Gras 2.0

    Technology provides a new and improved Mardi Gras experience

    It’s carnival season, and you can make the most of it by using the latest Mardi Gras technology. Whether you’re new to Mardi Gras or an old hat parader, you can brush up on Fat Tuesday lingo by visiting Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Glossary. Get in the know and start using the right vocab when you’re out celebrating the season.


    Optimizing the Internet

    Google Chrome browser offers convenient and time-saving add-ons

    Take your web browsing to the next level by utilizing Google's super-fast Chrome browser. Although Chrome is relatively new on the scene, it has an ever-increasing number of add-ons available to improve your experience on the Internet. Download Squad has created a great list of must-have add-ons to help you get started using Chrome to its fullest potential.