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  • Obtract: the latest in productivity apps

    Fighting procrastination one maze at a time

    Your computer and the Interwebz can be useful tools for productivity, but you have to admit, they can be incredibly distracting. One minute you’re focused on the task at hand, and before you know it, you’re on Facebook creeping on your crush’s profile page. Or you decide it's all of a sudden imperative that you clean out your email inbox and update your calendar. Whatever it is you do to procrastinate, Obtract can help you stay on task while giving you the cold, hard facts on just how much time you’re wasting on other things.


    Head-tracking screens will keep your attention

    Ray Bradbury warned us, and now his dystopian vision of the future is a step closer. Students at the University of Texas-Austin have created the first head-tracking screen which follows your gaze, thereby preventing you from looking away from it. How did they do it, you ask? They used a pico projector and a camera which tracks the viewer’s line of vision. So far, this system has only been tested with a first-person shooter game and a flight simulator, but it seems to work great for both those purposes.


    Craigslist v2.0

    Craiggers solves the Craigslist UI problem

    Craigslist is a great resource for finding housing, roommates, jobs, pets, and pretty much anything that a person can sell. It’s also a great place to post a Missed Connection. But if you’ve spent any time on Craigslist, then you know how unfriendly the UI can be. The layout isn’t pretty, and there’s a lot of clicking around involved to get to the information you’re looking for. Strangely enough, despite its popularity, it seems that Craigslist has never really been updated from its 1996 format.


    Jazz Festivus!

    Yes there is an app for that

    As you may have guessed, we LOVE Jazz Fest. The music, food, and fellowship at this New Orleans festival is world renowned, and now there’s an app for it! Seed Labs has developed the Jazz Fest app for both iPhone and Android, and it is chock-full of awesome features.


    Starting New, Starting Now

    There comes a time in every person’s life where they are at a crossroads. Maybe your job is sucking out your soul, maybe your apartment, house or town is getting a little too small for you. It may be time to head west, young man (or east, or young woman... or whatever.) We here at Terrific.IT made the move to New Orleans without the help of the Internet, but in this day and age that’s just preposterous.


    Pimp Your PC

    Small, useful and cool apps to spruce up your PC

    If you have a PC, then you could probably use some apps to make your user experience better. The people over at Maximum PC realize that and have compiled a list of 30 small, powerful and useful apps that are under 2MB. And we here at Terrific.IT have gone a step further and pared the list down to 7 of our favorites. We figured if the information wasn’t condensed to short, blog post form, no one on the interwebs would read it...


    For a limited time only (probably)

    Watch new releases on Zediva before they’re available on Netflix and Redbox

    We love it when start-ups stick it to the man, especially when the man happens to be the big movie studios. Today we give three cheers to Zediva, who is doing just that. Zediva allows you to "stream" new releases online well before other streaming movie platforms. For $2, you can rent a shiny new release and watch it online for 2 weeks. The trick with Zediva is that they set aside a physical copy of the DVD and a DVD player for you to access using your computer, tablet or Google TV.


    April Apps to Get You Back on Track

    It’s already April. How the year is flying by! If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably given up on or completely forgotten your New Year’s resolutions by now. Maybe you just need a little reminder and some cool apps to help you stick to your resolutions. Once again, Terrific.IT is here to help! Unfortunately we can’t cover everyone’s resolutions, but we will address a few common ones: budgeting and saving time/money.


    Music Technology Roundup

    Cool music websites and apps

    In case you couldn’t tell, we LOVE music here at Terrific.IT. In a city like New Orleans, it’s hard not to! What’s more, it is festival season here in the Crescent City, so music is certainly in the air. So in honor of this musical time of year, we are here to present you with the latest and coolest in music technology!


    The Battle Rages On

    Microsoft Office Web Apps vs. Google Docs

    Oh Microsoft, a decade ago you weren’t prepared to relinquish your monopolistic strangle-hold on the world’s technology. Perhaps you discounted how influential the Internet would be; perhaps the appearance of Google on the search engine scene didn’t seem threatening. But how the tables have turned! Google has grown to behemoth size; many of us now consider it to be our benevolent overlord. And Microsoft, you’re scrambling to retain a place in this regime.