Diagnosis & Repair Problems

PC/Laptop Repair

Our technicians can have you up and running again quickly with our PC and Laptop repair service. If your computer’s hardware or component parts are failing or have already failed, we will diagnose the problem, order parts and install them for a low, competitive price.

Malware/Virus Removal

If your computer is running slowly or acting erratically, you may be afflicted with malware or viruses. Terrific.IT’s technicians are on call to assist you in identifying and removing malicious software from your computer. After scanning, isolating, and removing any viruses or malware present on your system, we will provide you with additional tips on how to prevent future system infection and degradation.

Server/Network Down

Server and network crashes bring your business to a halt. Terrific.IT can come to your location within an hour of your call and get your network back online so you can get back to business. We can also advise you on any issues we find that may have caused your server to go down and how you may be able prevent a future reoccurrence of the problem.

Remote PC/Server Problem Resolution

Resolve your computer or server issues as soon as they occur with Terrific.IT’s Remote Problem Resolution service. Using a secure remote log-in session, our technicians are able to see what’s going wrong with your system without having to be there in person. Software and networking problems are not only able to be solved quickly, but you are able to watch the process as it is being performed. Then you will be able to troubleshoot on your own if the same problem occurs in the future.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 technical support is reserved for critical issues that require immediate resolution. Pricing will be slightly higher than with our standard service in order to address these more serious and critical issues. Availability of 24/7 support for new clients is offered on a "best efforts" basis.