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With all this hacking news buzzing around the web lately, we thought it may be a good idea to post something to make you all feel better, at least about the security of your email messages. is a neat little bookmarklet that will encrypt your emails, which can only be accessed using a password you’ve given to the person to which you’ve sent the email.

All you do is type your secret message out, hit the bookmarklet button, and then type in the password you want to use to access your message, then send that message off! You’ll need to text the password to the email’s recipient or even (gasp!) call them on the phone with it. But once they know what it is they can access the message while nobody else can. The only caveat is that the recipient must also have the bookmarklet in order to open the message. But we figure everyone will want to use, so they should probably go ahead and install it anyway.

In case you were wondering, Encipher.IT uses secure AES encryption and PBKDF2key generation to keep your email safe. Granted, this bookmarklet is mostly useful when sending a specific email which needs to be encrypted, such as an email with an account password or your credit card info in it. It would be inefficient to use it for every email you send. But it’s still an easy-to-use method of ensuring that that one random, sensitive email you may be sending is safe from prying eyes. (Via Hacker News via Lifehacker)

(Picture via Bryan's Digital World)

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