Primadesk saves you from the chaos of the cloud

Once upon a time, we all saved our documents and pictures on our computers. When we needed to find something, we simply opened up a folder on our desktop and there it was! But now that more and more of our files are being saved online, it’s become a lot more confusing to find that thing you’ve been working on. Don’t fret or waste your time searching your email, Dropbox, and Google Docs, because Primadesk is here to make at least this aspect of your life easier.

Primadesk is a webapp that works like an aggregator for all of the files you have saved in the cloud. Once you get all of your online file manager accounts synced up with Primadesk, it presents you with a unified view of all these accounts, with the added utility of being able to drag and drop files between services to be saved wherever your heart desires. If you thought that it couldn’t get any better, then you were wrong, because Primadesk also offers a backup function which you can use on any of the services you have connected to Primadesk.

This webapp is currently in beta, so they’re still working on some issues with photo sharing between services like Picasa and Flikr. But their privacy and security features do work as they’re supposed to, which is probably more important anyway.

(Via Lifehacker via Web Worker Daily)

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