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Small, useful and cool apps to spruce up your PC

If you have a PC, then you could probably use some apps to make your user experience better. The people over at Maximum PC realize that and have compiled a list of 30 small, powerful and useful apps that are under 2MB. And we here at Terrific.IT have gone a step further and pared the list down to 7 of our favorites. We figured if the information wasn’t condensed to short, blog post form, no one on the interwebs would read it...

Where shall we start? How about with an app named Everything? This app, from Void Tools, is a super-fast search tool that makes it incredibly easy to find files quickly. Instead of going through the Windows rigamarole in order to find that file you need, you just open Everything, start typing, and bam! There’s that file. The results are practically instantaneous. It almost feels like Everything is reading your mind or something....

Not sure what’s taking up all that space on your computer? Then you should download and run Space Sniffer, which scans your drives and gives you a visual representation of all the junk that’s cluttering up your PC. Once you can identify what’s taking up all that space, you can make more room by deleting unnecessary files and applications.

If you’re concerned about securely deleting those unnecessary files, CCleaner 3.0 can help. This handy little app will clear out temporary files which are obviously unneeded without you having to select them individually. Your PC will probably run a little faster and more smoothly once those files aren’t taking up space on your hard drive.

Maybe you want to delete more than just temporary files. In that case, Eraser is the app for you. Eraser doesn’t just delete data from your computer, it destroys it all by overwriting it with random data patterns that are specifically generated to prevent future recovery. Of course, you shouldn’t use this option unless you want to completely wipe data from your computer, before you sell it for example. Anything you use Eraser to delete will be gone... forever!

Okay, how about we switch gears and look at some apps that are a little more exciting? KeePass is a great tool for keeping track of all your online passwords. It uses a 256-bit encrypted database to store the unique passwords that you should be using for each website you visit that requires a log-in. You can access your own password database from your desktop or your mobile device, so you can use your brain power for something more stimulating than remembering your passwords for Facebook and Twitter.

Another cool but more specialized app available for your PC is Color Cop. Color Cop is a color picker that allows you to determine the shade and code for any color on your screen. This is a perfect tool for photographers and graphic designers, and anyone who pretends to be a photographer or graphic designer.

The last app to make our list is Nail It!. Use this app to "nail" a window, and that window will stay on top of all the other windows you open. This is convenient if you use many different applications while you’re working, but you have one window in which you’re doing most of your work. You can unnail a window once you’re done with it, and nail a new window if needed.

There are 23 more apps to check out on the Maximum PC list if you’re interested in learning about other small but powerful apps for your computer. But this list of 7 should get you started discovering apps that can improve your PC’s performance and make your life a little easier. (Via Maximum PC via Gizmodo)

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