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In case you couldn’t tell, we LOVE music here at Terrific.IT. In a city like New Orleans, it’s hard not to! What’s more, it is festival season here in the Crescent City, so music is certainly in the air. So in honor of this musical time of year, we are here to present you with the latest and coolest in music technology!

One of the very coolest technological developments in music is has been called a “social music” site. With a account, you can share what music you’re listening to and see what music your friends are listening to through the online social networks you already use. The best part is that it aggregates the music you listen to, online and on your computer. Once you create an account, and download’s desktop client (for Windows or Mac) and browser extension (for Firefox or Chrome), starts tracking what you listen to. Whether you’re rocking out on Pandora or YouTube, or listening to iTunes on your desktop, the songs you listen to are added almost instantly to your “listening history.” You can then access your listening history on and add songs from it to a custom playlist that you can listen to anytime. will also recommend music for you based on what you already listen to, and the more songs you tag as favorites, the better gets at its recommendations. Oh, and its free! (Via Gizmodo)

Another interesting use of “social music” is the free iOS app, Soundtracking. With Soundtracking, you can create and share “musical moments” with your friends online. A “musical moment” is a 30-second snippet of a song paired with a photo and comments. For example, you can take part of a song you heard at French Quarter Fest and attach a photo of your sweaty, sunburned friends dancing to it with some comments about what terrible dancers they are. How cool is that? We all want a soundtrack for our lives, and Soundtracking is at least one small step in that direction. Aren’t sure which song to choose? The Soundtracking app can attach a song to a photo automatically, or you can choose something that’s playing on your iPhone or iPod Touch to use. You can also add location tags to the photos, or album art from the music you’re sharing through Soundtracking. (Via Gizmodo)

Maybe social music isn’t your cup of tea, and you just want a convenient way to listen to your favorite tunes. In that case, why not try WiFi2HiFi? This .99 cent iOS app syncs up with a free desktop app for Windows or Mac. WiFi2HiFi allows you to stream music playing on your computer to your iOS device. This may seem unnecessary, but there are some great reasons to use this app. For instance, if you have a lot of music on your computer, it may not all fit on your iPhone. Second of all, some online music streaming sites, like Grooveshark, don’t have an iOS app nor do they work on iOS browsers. With WiFi2HiFi, you can access music from your computer which may not otherwise be available on your iOS device. Neat! (Via Lifehacker)

Last but not least, Google Music Sync, which hasn’t officially been announced, is apparently working for rooted Android phones that are using Honeycomb. Google Music Sync is a streaming music service from our favorite benevolent overlord. Not many details have been released about it, but apparently the music you have on your Android phone is backed up by Google, and then you can access it online anytime. You can even access songs you’ve since deleted from your phone. As with the majority of Google’s services, Google Music Sync is (probably) going to be free. (Via Download Squad via ReadWriteWeb via XDA Developers)

We hope at least one of these sites or apps will improve how you listen to and discover music. Rock on!

Picture via Gadgetsteria

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