Hurricanes, Technology and You, Part 2

Everything you need to know this hurricane season, online and on your phone

Earlier this week we gave you some tips on how to prepare your technology for hurricane season, and how Terrific.IT can help. Today we’re here to tell you about how you can use technology to stay on top of the latest hurricane news. Check out this list of websites and apps that will keep you informed about what’s brewing in the Atlantic this summer.

The Hurricane Center on is full of information relevant to our region, so it’s a good place to start when you’re online looking for hurricane-related news. Not only does the Hurricane Center have the hurricane headlines du jour, it has guidelines for developing an evacuation plan, as well as contraflow maps and evacuation route maps. There’s also a map of public pickup sites for those of you who don’t have transportation out of the city in the event of a mandatory evacuation. You can follow the Hurricane Center on Twitter or “like” them on Facebook to get the most up-to-date news in your social media news feeds. This is a vast resource, so give yourself lots of time to browse through it; you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on this site.

Stormpulse is another great website for the latest hurricane data. It's much simpler than's Hurricane Center because it only gives you weather-related hurricane info. Its main page has a big interactive weather map of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico which shows the latest system or systems that are being watched by the National Hurricane Center. The left side-panel posts the official bulletin from the NHC concerning the storm or disturbance shown on the map. There are also links to the Pacific Hurricane map and maps showing other severe weather in the U.S., and a search bar for looking up local weather, historical hurricane data, or info on a particular named storm. For those of you who prefer to cut right to the chase, Stormpulse gives you the very basics concerning the latest hurricane developments.

We’ve all found ourselves glued to the Weather Channel during an evacuation because it’s somehow comforting to know exactly what’s going on with an impending hurricane, on a minute by minute basis. But now there’s an app for that! For $3.99 you can purchase peace of mind with the Hurricane app by Kitty Code. This app allows you to track storms in real time, with data on windspeed, direction, and distance from your current location included. You can view animated satellite maps as well as forecast maps and models. It also gives you text bulletins with the latest storm warnings for your area. With this app, you’ll be able to tear yourself away from the Weather Channel on your TV and go enjoy your hurrication. When you’re out and about you can still obsess over what’s happening with Hurricane Whatever-Its-Name-Is on your iPhone or iPad. Hooray! (Via TUAW)

We all hope that we’ll have another calm storm season here in Southeast Louisiana. Still, it’s nice to know that we’ve got some online and mobile resources at our disposal to keep us informed in case a storm starts making its way to our neck of the Gulf.

(Picture via The Internet Database)

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