Hurricanes, Technology and You

Include a plan for your technology when preparing for hurricane season

It’s June, y’all. In case you’ve somehow forgotten, we’re here to remind you that June is the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Yes, it does feel nice to remain in La La Land and pretend that hurricanes wouldn’t dare make landfall in New Orleans again, but c’mon, let’s be realistic. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Read on to learn how to make sure your technology is evacuation-ready and/or damage-proofed.

First things first, make a list of all of your personal and business technology and data that you would still need access to in case of an evacuation. When you have a list of what you’d need, you can probably keep most of it close at hand and ready to be packed should you have to flee for higher ground. More importantly, and this applies all year round, make sure you have automatic scheduled backups running on your computers to a local storage device that you can easily pack up and evacuate with. It’s a good idea to also have a second copy of your backups in cloud storage, just in case your evacuation goes horribly wrong and your local storage device is destroyed by lightening or a tornado or something. You may want to consider having your photos and important documents scanned too, so have electronic copies that are backed up to an external hard drive or to cloud storage. Lots of things can be replaced, but photos of your wedding or your child’s first birthday can’t be.

Another thing to consider before a hurricane is threatening our coast is installing a basic home or office surveillance system. If you connect a router and cameras to a UPS battery, you can view what’s happening to your home or business using the internet while you’re evacuated. With a surveillance system in place, you won’t have to sit helpless and imagine how bad the damage is going to be. You can prepare for repairs even before you’re able to get back home. And the rest of the year, the surveillance system comes in handy as an extra security precaution for your home or business.

Have you ever been stuck in hours of traffic while evacuating from a hurricane? If you have important business to attend to, or even if you just want to stay connected while on your hurrication, Terrific.IT can equip your vehicle to be a mobile wireless hotspot using a power inverter, a router, and a couple of magnetic antennas. This setup allows multiple cell phones and USB wireless network adaptors to share internet bandwidth while on the road, and can also be brought into a hotel room once you reach your evacuation destination.

Terrific.IT will be up and running during any and all evacuations. We’ll be able to address many of your technology issues using our Remote Support services, even while we’re all on the road. And if unspeakable destruction occurs, we can help you get your personal and business technology back up and running through the backups that you make before you evacuate. Give us a call today for a Disaster Preparedness consultation, and we’ll get your technology ready for whatever life may throw at you.

Picture via A Maddog in the City

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