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Watch new releases on Zediva before they’re available on Netflix and Redbox

We love it when start-ups stick it to the man, especially when the man happens to be the big movie studios. Today we give three cheers to Zediva, who is doing just that. Zediva allows you to "stream" new releases online well before other streaming movie platforms. For $2, you can rent a shiny new release and watch it online for 2 weeks. The trick with Zediva is that they set aside a physical copy of the DVD and a DVD player for you to access using your computer, tablet or Google TV. This way, the copy of the movie is “out of circulation” for the duration of your rental, which is apparently a totally legit way for Zediva to “stream” new releases. Zediva's service may prove to be stiff competition for companies like Netflix, who have struck a deal with the movie studios and agreed not to stream new releases for a month after they're released on DVD.

Due to the popularity of the site, Zediva is no longer accepting registrations for their services as they are working on increasing their capacity, but you can join a waiting list to be notified when registration re-opens. It’s hard to say how long Zediva will last considering the fact that movie studios will probably throw a hissy fit as Zediva gains in popularity. We just hope that by making a dent in piracy rates, services like Zediva will continue to prove to the MPAA (and the RIAA) that they need to embrace the digital age instead of fighting a losing battle against it.

(Zediva via Wired via Gizmodo)

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