April Apps to Get You Back on Track

It’s already April. How the year is flying by! If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably given up on or completely forgotten your New Year’s resolutions by now. Maybe you just need a little reminder and some cool apps to help you stick to your resolutions. Once again, Terrific.IT is here to help! Unfortunately we can’t cover everyone’s resolutions, but we will address a few common ones: budgeting and saving time/money.

If creating a budget and sticking to it seems tedious or difficult to maintain, you should try the iOS app Left to Spend. For .99 cents, this app will help you determine how much you can spend per day, and will help you track your spending. The great thing about Left to Spend is that it pares down your budget to the bottom line: how much do you have left to spend that day. Its somewhat ominous display of your remaining funds may be just what you need to scare you into sticking to your budget. (Via Lifehacker via Mac World)

If saving money is your discarded resolution, then you should read through Gizomodo’s article on apps that will help you save money on gas. Rising gas prices are sure to put a strain on your ability to save money, so why not try using Gas Buddy’s free app for Android or iPhone? This app uses the GPS in your phone to find gas stations in your vicinity, and displays prices for gas at the locations listed. These prices are uploaded by users, and updated regularly. Be sure to check how recently a price you’re eying was updated (it will show you within the app) so you can avoid any surprises at the pump. Gizomodo’s article has several other handy apps and websites that will help you keep track of your fuel economy, stay on top of the maintenance schedule for you car, and determine whether driving an extra mile for cheaper gas is actually worth it.

Finally, if getting your to-do list under control is your abandoned goal for 2011, Do It (Tomorrow) may be just what you need. This free app for the iPhone ($1.99 for the iPad) keeps your to-do list simple by only allowing you to delegate your tasks to two lists: Today and Tomorrow. If you can’t or don’t get to one of your tasks from Today, then you can easily add it to the Tomorrow list. This keeps your to-do lists clear of the things that you don’t actually need to do immediately, and helps you focus on the things that really need to get done today (or tomorrow.) The more focused you are on achievable and imminent tasks, the more likely you are to be able to complete them. (Via Lifehacker via Boing Boing)

There you have it, kids. Now that you’re armed with the right technology, you can readopt those abandoned New Year’s resolutions you made a short 3 1/2 months ago to budget and save more time and/or money. Good luck with the next 3 1/2 months!

Picture via GardenWeb

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