Terrific Tutorials

Basic Computer Skills

Computer skills are a must in today’s job market. If you feel that your knowledge of how to navigate or use a computer is sub-par, Terrfic.IT can be your coach.

We’ll show you how to start up your machine, find files and applications, access your email and the internet, and also show you how to shut down your system appropriately. We’ll also demonstrate basic trouble-shooting maneuvers for avoiding problems that are commonly encountered while using a PC.

Microsoft Applications

Knowing your way around the Microsoft Office suite has become critical in today’s job market. Terrific.IT can show you the basics on how to write a word document, populate a spreadsheet, and create presentations using Powerpoint.

We can also coach you on how to effectively utilize Outlook for your email and calendar needs. Once you have a hang of it, we’ll demonstrate how you can find answers to questions that may arise while using Microsoft Office by utilizing the Help feature present in each application.


Accounting is a simple process that intimidates most non-accountants. Quickbooks is an easy-to-learn tool to make accounting for your small business as easy as can be.

Terrific.IT can coach you on Quickbooks basics, like entering bills and deposits, setting up recurring debits or credits, and reconciling your books with your banks statements at the end of the month.

When you become familiar with the ease of using Quickbooks, we will also show you how you can find answers to many of your questions as they arise by utilizing the Help feature in the Quickbooks software.

Social Media

Join the club that everyone is a part of! If you’ve been avoiding using Facebook, Twitter or other social media because you aren’t sure how to use it, Terrific.IT can get you online and socializing in no time!

We will show you how to share and interact with your friends and how to create privacy settings that you’re comfortable with. Don’t miss out on the valuable gains to be had from social media, and don’t be left behind either!