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  • The Magical Musical Gloves are coming to take you away

    We love it when we stumble across something that reminds us that we are indeed living in the future, and it’s a double-pleasure when that something happens to be music-related. Curious? Drum roll, please....... Gloves that create music out of thin air! Say what?! Yes, seriously. Musician Imogene Heap has been collaborating with a team at the University of West England for the past 2 years to develop these (quite possibly) magic gloves, which are able to capture the movements of a musician’s hands and translate those movements into music.


    Primadesk saves you from the chaos of the cloud

    Once upon a time, we all saved our documents and pictures on our computers. When we needed to find something, we simply opened up a folder on our desktop and there it was! But now that more and more of our files are being saved online, it’s become a lot more confusing to find that thing you’ve been working on. Don’t fret or waste your time searching your email, Dropbox, and Google Docs, because Primadesk is here to make at least this aspect of your life easier.


    Secure any email with Encipher.it

    With all this hacking news buzzing around the web lately, we thought it may be a good idea to post something to make you all feel better, at least about the security of your email messages. Encipher.it is a neat little bookmarklet that will encrypt your emails, which can only be accessed using a password you’ve given to the person to which you’ve sent the email.


    RSA Security not really secure at all

    RSA Security may need to consider changing its name to RSA “Security” after a hacking attack in March compromised 40 million SecureID tokens, which must now be replaced. SecureID tokens provide a two-factor authentication system which makes unauthorized access of user data virtually impossible. By using an algorithm and a unique seed for each token, a pseudo-random number is generated every 30 to 60 seconds to be used in addition to a user’s password when logging on to whatever secure account is connected to the token.


    Why electronic medical records are falling short

    Yesterday we talked about how electronic medical records were not living up to their promised advantages over paper records. Today we delve further into why EMRs aren’t yet working the way they were intended. One of the biggest problems is that doctors tend to use pen and paper workarounds with EMRs, and other computerized communication breakdowns also cause problems with the adoption of EMRs in doctors’ offices and hospitals.


    Electronic Medical Records Still Need Some Work

    You may not have been aware, but as we speak, doctors and hospitals are poised to begin using electronic medical records instead of paper records. EMRs sound pretty great. They’re intended to be a safer and more efficient method of record-keeping, and at a lower-cost than paper medical records. Unfortunately, EMRs have not, as yet, met their lofty goals, mostly because the EMR computer systems aren’t interoperable.


    Hurricanes, Technology and You, Part 2

    Everything you need to know this hurricane season, online and on your phone

    Earlier this week we gave you some tips on how to prepare your technology for hurricane season, and how Terrific.IT can help. Today we’re here to tell you about how you can use technology to stay on top of the latest hurricane news. Check out this list of websites and apps that will keep you informed about what’s brewing in the Atlantic this summer.


    Hurricanes, Technology and You

    Include a plan for your technology when preparing for hurricane season

    It’s June, y’all. In case you’ve somehow forgotten, we’re here to remind you that June is the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Yes, it does feel nice to remain in La La Land and pretend that hurricanes wouldn’t dare make landfall in New Orleans again, but c’mon, let’s be realistic. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Read on to learn how to make sure your technology is evacuation-ready and/or damage-proofed.


    e-Rise of the e-Reader

    E-Readers have been around for years now, but in the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the direction that eReaders are taking us. As Kindles, Nooks and tablet computers become more ubiquitous, physical books are bound to become less so. Although the death of analog books may strike fear into the hearts of librarians and bibliophiles around the world, eReaders and eBooks may turn out to be the best way to get information to the masses.


    Reality Check

    Augmented reality gives you the deets on what you're looking at

    Let’s face it, reality can be dull. Luckily for us, augmented reality is quickly making day-to-day life a little more interesting. In case you haven’t heard, augmented reality is the overlaying of digital data onto real time pictures or videos. You may have already seen stargazing apps that will show you which planets and stars you’re under by pointing your phone or tablet’s camera towards the sky.